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The 10th Virginia Regiment


Notes to Non Military Clothing:

Some basic concepts about Camp Follower impressions for the Continental Army are as follows:

1.) Only a very few would have joined the Regiment during its formative months in Virginia, and these would tend to be wives of commissioned or warrant officers. Most signed on during periods where the Army was stationary, as during winter quarters; many being refugees from surrounding counties.

2) Important camps of the 10th Virginia 's between Dec 1776 and Nov 1779:

Baltimore MD, June 1777

All along the Delaware River, North of Philadelphia, July1777- Oct1777

Valley Forge in Chester County , PA ; Nov 1777 to May 1778 . Surrounding counties include
Bucks, Berks, Lancaster, and York

Middlebrook NJ, Middlesex County , Oct 1778 to May 1779. Surrounding counties include
Bergen, Essex, Morris, Somerset, and Monmouth . Tory activity was intense in New Jersey.

Highlands of New York, May 1779 to Nov 1779, Surrounding counties include Orange,
Westchester, Duchess, Ulster, Suffolk (Long Island), as well as the NYC counties of
Queen's (Bronx), Kings(Brooklyn), and Richland (Staten Island).

Morristown, NJ; Dec 1779 to Jan 1780, Located in Morris County: surrounding counties include: Essex, Sussex, and Summerset.

March from New Jersey to South Carolina, Feb 1780 to March 1780

Charleston, SC. April - May 1780. The Regiment was captured at the conclusion of the siege

3) Virginia home recruiting counties: Abermarl, Bedford, Charlotte, Dinwiddie, Fincastle, Goochland, Halifax, Hanover, Louisa, Lunenberg, Orange, Pittsylvania, Prince George

4) Roles: Most women would have been employed as laundresses and or seamstresses. Girls would be employed helping their mothers. Jobs for boys could include that of a groom, servant or batman, or running various errands. Non military male roles were limited but might include wagoner, batman, or clerk.

5) Ethnic groups: It would be best to portray an English speaker, unless you have skills in other languages. It may be acceptable to wear clothing items of another ethnic group your persona has been in close contact with. (Not every one who wears Italian shoes has to be from Italy).

Ethnic groups in the 10th's area of operation includes English, Irish, Scottish, Palatinate Germans, or (Pennsylvania Dutch), Dutch, French Huguenot.

If you wish to portray a member of a non-English speaking ethnic group, it would be easiest to
portray someone who was born in the colonies, but whose parents were born in Europe.

6) Feel free to develop any historical persona that would be reasonable for our unit's history.

Please consult the brief history synopsis.


T.F. Edwards 6 April, 1997 Revised 20 February, 2001

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