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The 10th Virginia Regiment

Uniform Clothing Guidelines for 10th Virginia Regiment

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 Item Fabric Color
 Hat Wool felt Black
Neck stock Leather or horse hair Black
Shirt Linen White
Weskit Wool Red
Breeches Wool Blue
Coat body/Facings Wool/wool Blue/red
Coat turn backs Wool Unbleached natural
Hose Knit wool Lead or gray
Shoes Leather low top Black
Buttons Pewter "white metal"

The above table lists the clothing items that compose the standard uniform for the time period of September 1778 thru March 1780. When the Regiment was inspected in May of 1779, their clothing was described as "very bad". This vague description is interpreted as follows: 1) the men had clothing and were not naked, 2) clothing was in poor repair, 3) clothing lacked uniformity. A recruit starting from scratch should use the above guidelines in creating his uniform. Certain previously owned clothing items might be appropriate to the impression. "Very bad clothing " means everyone does not have to look exactly alike.

Below is a list of detailed list of each "standard issue" clothing item (a) and documented alternatives (b,c,d etc.)

1) Hats:
a) Cocked hat of black wool felt, black tape binding, natural linen or cotton cord, black silk cockade, linen lining.
b) Fatigue hat: milled wool cap; issued through Virginia stores
c) Fatigue hat: double milled wool cap, as above
d) Cloth workman's cap

2) Neck wear:
a) "Black" Stock, of leather or horse hair fabric.

3) Shirts:
a) Ready made soldier's shirt of white linen.
b) Soldiers shirts made for coarser grades of unbleached linen, or osnaburg.
c) "Individually acquired " shirts of various linen fabrics such as check or ticking.
d) Brown linen "Hunting" shirt, worn over the waistcoat

4) Waistcoats:
a) Virginia issue Red (Broad) Cloth with linen back, & osnaburg lining, pewter buttons.
b) French issue natural white woolen tricot lined with good serge, and pewter buttons.

5) Regimental Coat: The French Issue Lottery Coat:
a) Wool broadcloth of Royal Blue, red broad cloth facings, lined with good natural white serge, and pewter buttons:
b) The same as above only in brown.

6) Breeches and other Leg garments:
a) Virginia issue Blue broad cloth breeches with optional unbleached linen lining, pewter buttons.
b) Green cloth breeches as above.
c) French issue natural white woolen tricot lined with unbleached linen, finished with pewter buttons and knee buckle.
d) Unbleached linen Overalls
e) Linen or osnaburg drawstring drawers (optional)

7) Foot ware:
a) Black leather low top shoes, with a seamless toe; a heal plate retards wear.
b) Same as above with buckles instead of laces
c) Canvas duck half gaiters, painted black, with a leather foot strap. ( standard issue cannot be demonstrated at this time, but they are helpful in rough or muddy terrain).

8) Stockings:
a) French issue Milled Yarn, lead color (or gray)
b) French issue Worsted , lead color
c) White natural wool yarn or worsted.

9) Buttons:
a) Coat and small clothes buttons are pewter, flat with a French turret back shanks,
and no insignia. Sizes are large (23mm) and small (18mm).
b) shirt buttons can be bone, horn, or thread
c) Gaiter buttons can be leather, horn or pewter.


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